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Thread: Any comments on seller Luxtime?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantan1969 View Post
    I am just sharing my experience thus far ... all are grown up here, choose to either believe or not to believe ... I am getting the bank to provide me the trace report, and will proceed lodge a police report which I hope is not necessary.
    You are sharing your experience and I am sharing my experience. I suggested to you, that you google for "wire transfer not received", as you might find your answers there. Do you happen to know user NickT by any chance?

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    No longer need to google, let my bank do the work ....

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    echong, I am merely looking for comments on the seller as I found their prices to be competitive. But they seem to be going under a few different names on this forum alone which made me a bit skeptical. I am thankful on your input really but it does seem a bit odd you had to create a new user just to protect this seller AND claimed to have purchased from them several times.

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    How to post document in this forum? I would like to share with all the members the official confirmation letter from DBS bank proving that the payment transfer to Luxtime owner Romain and the given account number is successful, despite several reminders asking to refund the 10% deposit that I have paid, no reply at all from Christ and Romain, hopefully it help others not to fall into the same trap.

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    The moderators should look into this and investigate to the core of the matter. There are a few listings with really low asking prices and attracting people to enquire on them. This forum needs to be safe from any scams

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