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    Careful. This guy is a scammer. He asked for deposit of $840. Sent to “his wife” named Michelle Gutman. No follow up afterward. The mobile number he provided cannot be called. He tried to use the identity of Romain in Pawnbroker. Such a cheap scammer, happy with $800. I wonder what he can do with it. Feel richer??

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    Your mother is a scammer, sick cretin. I do not know you , freak, never asked for any deposits, neither married.
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    I have no hard feeling whatever. I just do not want him to scam the rest of you. Do not hesitate to ask me for the email record and evidence of this scammer. And to you “Romeo”, go find a proper job. You will not be rich by doing this.

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    I do not know you, cretin, just signed up with this website 3 days ago. Could not care less what feelings you have, mental case. Send me email record and evidence. Your mother's name is Romeo, mentally ill moron.

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    Romvlvs8- Please post a tagged photo of your watch by that I mean, “ for sale by Romvlvs8 on with today’s date on a piece of paper” following a toothbrush on top of the paper”

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